The Proper Measure of Injectable Glutathione Dosage

For the past few years, glutathione has been receiving a lot of attention in the cosmetics industry for its skin whitening properties. In a medical setting, this drug is used to boost immunity, treat ‘tired blood’ in patients with kidney problems and even handling cardiovascular and respiratory complications. This means that it is a powerful drug. The injectable glutathione dosage is specifically more dangerous and needs more care when administering it and that’s why it’s very important you consult a qualified physician.

When looking to use the injectable glutathione dosage, the first step is to establish whether you have any medical condition that may pose a risk to your health. These include chemotherapy, cancer medication, kidney problems, weak liver or a heart condition. In addition, if you have any chronic disease and under long-term medication, it’s not advisable that you take the dosage. The side effects of this drug could easily worsen your condition, or even render your medication ineffective, causing serious health problems for you.


The greatest concern for those intending to use injectable glutathione dosage as a skin whitening medication is its safety. The injectable glutathione works by increasing the levels of glutathione in your body, thereby reducing the level of melanin. This in turn whitens your skin in a considerably safe way compared to the other bleaching agents that may erode your skin in the long term. The challenge however is in establish the right quantity and frequency for your injectable glutathione dosage.

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Scientists are yet to agree on the right dosage given that they are still arguing about the safety of the drug as a skin whitener. Glutathione is mainly an anti oxidant that is used as a cancer drug in some situations and having it as a cosmetic supplement is somewhat disturbing. The main issue is that it has been successful for a number of people and thus the prospects are rather tempting for anyone seeking to whiten their skin. In order to establish the right dosage for you, you will need to discuss with your physician or dermatologist regarding things such as body weight, health condition, skin tone and other significant factors.

The choice of whether or not to whiten your skin lies solely on you. When you decide to use the injectable glutathione dosage, you have to consult a medical practitioner. This is to avoid the unwanted side effects of the drug, which may include chronic fatigue and organ damage among others.

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